Lunch Menu


Daily Fish Chowder, Bean, & Vegetable

Cup $3.50 | Bowl $4.95 | Quart $14


Garden Salad — Small $4.75 | Double $9

Dressings: Honey Miso, Gorgonzola, Creamy Garlic, Sesame Tahini, Mustard Vinaigrette, Red Wine

The Kale Caesar — $9

Kale, polenta croutons, smoked salmon, capers, roasted red peppers, and balsamic onions, tossed with lemon parmesan dressing.

Sea Vegetable Salad — $9

Seasoned sea vegetable and marinated tofu tossed with field greens, cucumbers, carrots, and sesame seeds with our honey miso vinaigrette.

Chop Chop Salad — $9

Romaine, mushrooms, cucumber, black olives, chickpeas, feta cheese, red onions, and tomatoes with a red wine vinaigrette.

Hummus Salad — $9

A meal-sized platter of salad, hummus, and a whole wheat roll.

Add to any Salad:

Salmon $9 | Grilled Shrimp $8


Quick Lunch – $9.50

Bowl of soup, whole wheat roll, house garden salad.

Fish Lunch – $10.50

Fresh scrod broiled with tamari, lemon, and oil. Served with salad, baked brown rice, and house tea.

Parmesan-encrusted Salmon – $13

Served with salad and baked brown rice.

Roasted Portabella & Fresh Mozzarella Wrap – $9

Field greens, tomato, fried zucchini, and pesto mayo in a tortilla wrap served with a pickle and “potato chips

P&E’s Fish “Sandwich” Wrap – $11

Deep fried cod with spanish style slaw, Vermont cheddar, and sriracha aioli on a tortilla wrap with fries & pickle.

P&E’s Vegetable and Lentil Burger – $8

Served with field greens, tomato, and horseradish mayonnaise with melted Vermont cheddar in a tortilla wrap.
Add grilled red onion $1
Add grilled portobello mushroom $1

Fish & Chips – $11

A New England favorite. Fresh scrod tempura and your choice of fresh-cut french fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings. Served with tartar sauce and a salad.

Noodles, Rice, and Veggies

Organic Pan Fried Noodles & Vegetables – $13

Stir-fry vegetables sautéed together with noodles in garlic-ginger oil and tamari with scallion garnish.
With fried tofu $15 | With shrimp $17

Vegetable Fried Rice with Organic Tofu – $13

Pan-fried tofu with sautéed vegetables and brown rice.

Broccoli Sauté – $10.50

With roasted garlic and ginger sauce served with rice.
Add Tofu, Tempeh or Seitan – $13

Noodles in Broth With Vegetables – $12

Served in a ginger-garlic tamari broth with mixed vegetables and scallion garnish.

Thai-Style Seitan & Udon Noodle Sauté – $15

Our homemade seitan with udon noodles and baby spinach , onions, carrots, and cilantro with a crushed peanut garnish.

Organic Pasta of the Day – $15

Changes daily

Vegetable Platter of the Day – $15

Changes daily


Sautéed Greens – $4.25

Baked Brown Rice – $3

Fried Tofu – $3

Sautéed Seitan – $5

Sweet Potato Fries – $4

Sesame Ginger Sauce – $1

16 Oz Salad Dressing – $8

16 Oz Hummus – $8


Cream Pie of the Day – $7

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake (gf) – $6

Fruit Pie of the Day – $6


Pasta With Butter – $5

Noodles and Broth – $5

Fish & Chips with Tartar Sauce – $8